Working It

Struggling to write or be a ‘creative’ isn’t singular to you, me, or anyone else. The wonderful Rebecca over on ‘Wearing Two Hats’ says it best.

Wearing Two Hats

It’s no secret that working in any discipline in the arts is not an instant money spinner. There are the lucky few, the super talented, right-place, right-timers who become overnight successes but for most of us who are at the earliest stage of our careers, doing what we love most full time is sadly not a viable financial option.

When I graduated the first time, I wasn’t 100% sure where I wanted my life to go, I just knew “creative” was the general direction. I knew that I loved theatre, I loved writing and reading, art and music, but that’s a pretty broad spread and I was still working out the specifics of exactly how I wanted to include all these passions in my life. I think I still am; just because theatre is ultimately what had the strongest pull on me doesn’t mean I’ve put everything else on hold.

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