Monday Muse: On a Tuesday!

The value of writing prompts should be infinitesimally obvious. But in case you’ve not realised that yet, here is a fantastic post on just that topic by my good friend and writing buddy: Nerd Cactus.

Nerd Cactus

Greetings! Apologies for being late with this blog. Apparently, today is Tuesday. I’m losing my days. Staying up all night editing/reviewing yours and your friend’s works will throw you off something fierce. Combine that with your post-surgical dog suffering from complications that cause him to moan all night (before anyone asks, we have an appointment with a specialist–we’re not animal abusers) and, well, I thought today was Monday.

But it is, in fact, Tuesday, so that means I’m late for this thing. Apologies again.

Today I want to write about writing prompts. You know…the kind you can get in a book or have delivered to your inbox every day. Or maybe you just Google ‘writing prompts’ because you’ve got a severe case of the blanks and you know you have to write.

Because…you do know you have to write, don’t you? You need to write every day. It doesn’t have…

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