Now I know

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There’s a reason people tell you the first draft shouldn’t take any longer than three months. All right, all right, calm down–they’re not saying it should be good. Everyone who’s written anything knows the first draft is always garbage. (In my case, the quality of the second and most of the third draft are also highly questionable.) But, it turns out there’s a reason for most advice “they” give about writing. I’m talking about the standard advice for fledgling authors: Start with short stories and work your way up. Accept that your writing will be crap at first. Finish… Continue reading Now I know

Monday Muse: On a Tuesday!

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Greetings! Apologies for being late with this blog. Apparently, today is Tuesday. I’m losing my days. Staying up all night editing/reviewing yours and your friend’s works will throw you off something fierce. Combine that with your post-surgical dog suffering from complications that cause him to moan all night (before anyone asks, we have an appointment with a specialist–we’re not animal abusers) and, well, I thought today was Monday. But it is, in fact, Tuesday, so that means I’m late for this thing. Apologies again. Today I want to write about writing prompts. You know…the kind… Continue reading Monday Muse: On a Tuesday!